Importance of Customer Feedback

  • Matt Smith
  • Apr 16

When you think of your business, you often think of your customers and how important they are to you, as without them, you would not have a paycheck. It may be obvious, but their opinion is extremely valuable to your company in the sense that their opinion itself could help you improve your business, and in turn, receive more business. Review Queue offers a great way to get customer feedback by directly keeping in touch with customers immediately after services have been rendered, and retrieving information on their experience. What you do with this feedback is, of course, your choice, but here’s what we recommend:

Listen and Do

They say, "The customer is always right" — this can definitely have more meaning that you initially realize. What we can interpret from this saying is that if a customer informs you that something about your product or service is wrong or could be improved, it’s likely they have a reasonable opinion as they have been purchasing from you for awhile or are aware of the desired quality of the product or service. With that said, if a customer informs you of ways to improve your business or otherwise what could’ve been done better about their experience, it’s often best to take heed of this information and do as such.

Thank and Offer

There are often times where feedback is entirely unhelpful and absolutely a waste of time to deal with, but other times, feedback can be extremely helpful and does actually improve your business. From this, you can reward your customer with a free service or product out of your thankfulness for their time to help your business grow better.

Continue to be Amazing

Chances are your business is successful and you have room to grow, and the best way we at Review Queue believe a business can grow is by continuing to be as they are: amazing.